CoopCrowd Is A Powerful
Subscription Based Cooperative Crowdfunding System Where Givers Become Receivers.

You Can Raise All The Funds You Need
For Your Dream Home! And…
Your Friends And Family Receive Funding Too!

It’s A Win…Win…For Everyone!

We’ve Married two awesome 21st Century trends…
Cooperatives & Crowdfunding!

Uber changed the taxi industry, AirBnB changed the hotel industry, Vista Print changed the printing industry and eBey changed the way people buy & sell things. They are cooperatives that created millions of income opportunities for people all over the world.

CoopCrowd is a global Cooperative Crowdfunding System created to help individuals, businesses and charities easily raise funds for any purpose. We are changing the fundraising industry forever by making crowdfunding accessible, rewarding and FUND for everyone worldwide!

GoFundMe, Facebook, PayPal, Kickstarter, Indiegogo and hundreds of other companies are crowdfunding platforms widely used to raise funds. However, to benefit, you need a ton of friends, a lot of time and decent business skills. And only one person gets all the money.

Crowdfunding has become the number one resource individuals and business turn to raise funding for their projects. Crowdfunding has grown into a multi-billion dollar phenomenon in just a couple of decades. The crowdfunding industry is currently over $34 Billion and is on target to become over $300 Billion by 2025. CoopCrowd does crowdfunding right! We do it cooperatively and in Just a few minutes you can have your campaign setup. Invite a few friends and everyone’s campaign can get funded – no skills required!

When you GIVE a donation we set you up with your own Crowdfunding System to allow you to raise any amount of funds you need for the home of your dreams. When you SHARE your cause with friends and family who donate to your campaign they in turn can RECEIVE Funds for any purpose they want…  It’s A Win, Win, Win For All!

$25 Donation + $3 Hosting fee
$28 Every 28 Days