Will The Loan You Qualify For
Be Enough For…
The Home Of Your Dreams?

How Much Is Your Dream Home?
Where Is Your Dream Home?
What Are Your Loan Options?

Do You Have Money For Down Payment?

FHA Loan:  3.5% minimum down payment – Minimum score of 580 – Max Loan – $294,515
VA Loan: No Down payment required Max. Loan $453,100 – Must qualify
Conventional Loan: 20% down payment Most lenders require credit score of 620. Some as low as 580.


1. You have good credit score and can qualify for a loan but you do not have any money saved for a down payment?
2. You can qualify for loan for $250,000 and you have down payment for that loan amount but the home of your dreams cost $450,000+?
3. You are going through or just went through Bankruptcy? Doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan but could be very difficult.

Do You Qualify For The Loan You Need For Your Dream Home?

Do You Have The Amount You Need For The Down Payment?

As a Real Estate Agent I discovered that many potential home buyers can’t qualify for the loan to cover the price of the home of their dreams or they just don’t have money saved up for the down payment. Are you settling for something less than what you want or…continuing to rent because of lack of funds needed?  

Need Funding For Your Dream Home?

I Have The Solution!


Crowdfunding is fast becoming the number one resource for raising funds for any purpose. Let me show you how you can raise all the funds you need for the home of your dreams with Crowdfunding. 

CoopCrowd is a one of a kind donation subscription based cooperative system that will help you reach your goals to raise all the funds you need for the home of your dreams! Cooperative means that givers become receivers so everyone who donates will also be able raise funds for any project or cause they choose. Also a great Fundraising vehicle for Churches, Schools and Charitable Organizations. In fact anyone can use Crowdfunding to raise funds for anything.